Monday, May 12, 2008

Lunch dates and playmates

So Landry had one of her first lunch dates with some friends today at Monjuni's in Shreveport. We met with Julie Richardson and Emily Norton Pruitt who just married John Pruitt on April 26th. It was good catching up with them as we have lost touch due to my many children:)!!!

Matt and Mary Michelle Otwell live across the street from us and we have really enjoyed getting to know them these past 2 years. MM and I walk regularly in the mornings and our 2 boys have become playmates. I thought the picture of Alexander hugging Jake was really cute! Not sure what Jake was doing in the above picture, but he was on the move!


Lora said...

You girls look like you are ready to step onto the college campus. Young & Pretty!

The Tylers said...

You are VERY sweet:)

Hannah Lee said...

Suzanne your family is precious! Your mom told me all about your new blogging experience! I try to squeeze it in to my schedule as much as possible. Here is our blog --
I will be posting new stuff soon! It is so great getting to see your precious babies!

The Tylers said...

Great to hear from you Hannah!