Thursday, May 15, 2008

Many Firsts

We have had several firsts over the past couple of days that I feel the need to post! First off, Jake had his first of many skinned body parts when he fell yesterday in our neighbors driveway and scratched his nose up pretty good. I felt he deserved a sucker for the pain and suffering he went through:).
Then Matt had to spend the night out of town last night and this was the first time I stayed alone with the babies. Last time he went out of town I went to my parents and decided it was too much trouble and that I really can take care of them alone every once in a while(plus Jake woke up at 5:45 and it turned out to be a very long day!). SO, we were doing good. I had them both in bed by 7:20....a little later than normal but I bathed and fed each child separately. At 11:45 the electricity went out and I panicked. The TV monitor I depend so heavily on does not work without ELECTRICITY(that is the #1 thing you need, not the monitor as I had mentioned in a previous post!!!) and I just knew the children were going to wake up because their box fans had stopped. Yes, I am a believer in those fans! They are the only way to keep them from not waking each other up in the morning since they sometimes get up at different times and during the day I don't have to worry about the phone or door bell waking them up from a nap. Then to make matters worse, I called Matt's phone and it was turned off!!!! I was so upset with him due to the fact had it been a real emergency he would not have known. Yet the electricity came on about 45 minutes later and Landry was still SOUND asleep and Jake just sat up briefly and returned to bed. Yee of little faith(I know)!!Sorry that was drawn out.

Our next first is Landry's first TECH cheerleader outfit. It is a little big through the shoulders but I am hopeful that she will have filled it out by August. I put Jake's shirt on him this morning as he headed to his LAST day of Mom's Day Out until June.

The last first is the first in a really long time!!! When I picked Jake up from MDO, I did not check to see when his nap was, so I just figured he had just taken one. Then Landry had woken up early from her nap and both were fussy, so I decided to take them for a stroll. We had not made it 2 blocks when I saw Jake's head bob. I looked in the front of the stroller and he was sound asleep. Thank goodness I had my camera handy as he has not fallen asleep in a stroller in about a year. Apparently he had not taken a nap!!!! I had to SPRINT back to the house in my flip flops so I could get him in bed. It was pretty funny but very sweet.

And since I had one of Jake asleep I had to be fair and add one of Landry!!! There is a story behind her sucking those fingers! First, I used to suck the same 2 fingers and if you went to elementary school with me you know that:). I took her pacifier away from her during naps because they were a nuisance. Well, she found her fingers and away went the pacifier. That is all great and good, but I sucked my fingers until the third grade and shutter at the thought. Hopefully that will not happento our baby girl! The next picture was 10 minutes later when she woke up. She ALWAYS smiles like this everytime she wakes up. I just LOVE IT!

Sorry for the very long post....Matt takes the laptop with him and I do not have access while he is gone. Almost done. We went to a memorial service for a family friend yesterday and we rarely ever take pictures of just the two of us anymore. So here we are....about to head to the west coast in less than 48 hours. Hooray. I plan on posting when we get there and I have to go and get ready for Grey's. Bye for now.


Lora said...

Good Looking Couple. Don't let your Mom guilt you about the junk food-it won't kill him! Trust me about one thing-don't worry about no monitor-your Mother's ears will kick in and you will hear every sound they make-I PROMISE!

Anonymous said...

I was just about to do the guilt trip, but I just walked with Lora and I must admit it won't kill him. Do hope that his little nose is feeling better. We are going to spoil those babies so bad while ya'll are gone!!!! Love, Big Mama

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest Tech cheerleader ever!