Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shopping and weather

Yesterday Landry and I went shopping. Now, I do not normally shop for myself anymore( 1 of the MANY changes after children) because I would much rather spend $$ on my children. Also, the last time I tried shopping last spring with Jake, I was completely undressed in the dressing room when Jake decided he was hungry and started screaming. That was enough for about a I normally wait until Matt can stay home with them, but I had to shop yesterday because we are leaving Saturday for San Diego. Landry was not too much better than Jake, but it was mainly because she was tired. All that being said, I am ready for the trip!! Mom and dad are going to keep Landry and Jake is staying with my in-laws. Matt has a business meeting there and I am tagging along:). I am coming back Tuesday and Matt Wednesday. Although it is only 3 nights, I have never left Landry overnight and I cannot believe I am this nervous about it..she will be fine, but will I?

On to another note, the weather was HORRIBLE last night. I have never heard as much thunder and seen that much lightening. I truly had intentions of running but the bad weather was still going on at 6am, so maybe tomorrow. It was much easier to get back into an exercise routine with one! So that excuse ended when Landry started sleeping through the night. I have been trying to run 3-4 times a week in the mornings before the babies get up. Mom let me borrow her watch that has a GPS on it(I think that's what it is) and I love that it tells me how far I have run. I hate that it tells me how SLOW I am going. Oh well, atleast I am out there. Have a great day.


Lora said...

I'll bet your slow would put me in the shade! ENJOY YOUR TRIP!

Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds like just what you need. Hopefully you'll be able to get some shopping done- alone.
Have a great time!