Monday, May 26, 2008

For My Mom

My dear mother came over today to visit her grandbabies and left her laptop for my amusement. So that means I can write on my blog and she can see the cute pictures she took. First we loaded up in the car and Jake was trying his hardest to bring Landry to the door! We then went to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant(hince the cheese on my chin in the photo with Landry:))with Elilzabeth and her son Ben, and on to Target to buy many unneeded items. By the time we got home Landry was asleep and Jake was ready to play in the backyard. He had a blast with the water hose and we couldn't stop laughing at how big his diaper gets with water in it....thank goodness for swim diapers. After everyone charged up with a late afternoon nap, we all went to the pool and Jake had his first icee. Finally it was time to come home and they are now in bed and I am right behind then after this post. Thanks for coming over mom and we will see you Thursday.


Lora said...

Your Mom is quite the woman! She LOVES her Suzanne & sweet Grands!

Jessica Stephenson said...

Looks like a fun day! I love their outfits- they are always dressed so cute!