Monday, May 12, 2008

War Eagle

My sweet aunt and uncle who live in Pelham, AL sent Jake and Landry some Auburn attire last week and I had to document the first time they wore them. They are huge Auburn fans and had 2 sons graduate from AU. I sent Jake to mom's day out in this outfit this morning and hopefully he will be OK in colors other than purple and gold:). I have never been a big fan of LSU anyway. So this post is for Aunt Liz-thank you!! I did not go to Auburn for very long, but it will always be a special place to me so thanks so much!!


Laura Lancaster said...

Oh Lordy, i'm going to have to get them some Ole Miss Rebel stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures, although I think red and blue would suite them better ;)
I'm enjoying the blog spot!

BriGaal said...

War Eagle!!

Ben Clark said...

CT im not a fan of that auburn stuff haha