Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Children

I am sure you can tell from my previous posts that my children are everything to me(or I should say us). They are so much fun and I absolutely love having them close together!

We went to the ballpark tonight to meet a dr. that Matt calls on and Jake had a great time. Poor Landry is always tired at night time but she hung in there and was a good sport until the ride home...she hates the car seat after 5pm. It is really hard to deviate too far from her schedule because she only eats 4 times a day, every 4 hours and messing that up would confuse her! I can finaggle(is that a word?) a little bit, but for the most part her schedule is like clockwork. I know in the next few months she will eat farther apart as she starts to eat more. Then it will get easier to take her more places. While Jake has been home from MDO, they take their first 2 naps together and then Landry takes a third nap around 4. That way I have 2 small breaks a day!!!

Jake is also pretty good with Landry other than the fact we have had a couple of accidents:(. He just doesn't realize he weighs almost 30 pounds and Landry might weigh 13. Just this morning he wanted to sit in my lap(Landry was lying on the floor in front of me) and he just turned to sit.....luckily we saved her that time! She is a pretty good sport and LOVES to watch him. There are many times that Jake will be playing and stop what he is doing just to walk over and love on his sister(he likes to put his head up to hers as you might can tell in pictures).

My point is that God is so good! I really did not know what we were going to do with 2 children so close together. It has NOT been easy, but we have made it through hard times(and there will be hard times in the future I am sure) and survived. I know they will be the best of friends and eventually laugh that for 5 days each year they are the same age. I know that Jake will take care of her when they are teenagers(I dread the thought of them growing up!!!) and can only hope Landry will keep me abreast of what it going on at school and elsewhere. I pray that they will make the right choices and learn from their mistakes. I pray that they fear God and are strong in their faith. Dear Lord may we as parents be good examples. You never know eternal and unconditional love until you have a child.


Lora said...

What a sweet post!

Hannah Lee said...

Amen to that sister! Isn't it amazing how God allows us to feel the same love He feels for His children everyday through our own children!? Hang in there! You're a fabulous mother!

The Tylers said...
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The Tylers said...

Thanks to you both:)