Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rite of Passage

It is a rite of passage into parenthood: early morning wake up calls! You who are parents out there know what I am talking about. You never know what a good nights sleep meant until you became a parent. And I must say that my children are really good sleepers(I swear by the book Baby Wise, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT). They both go down at 7 every night and take turns as to who wakes up earlier. It goes in 2 week shifts for the most part and lately Jake has been getting up around 6 and Landry has been sleeping until 6:45. But they will rotate and shift roles here pretty soon. On the RARE occasions that they both sleep until 7(it has happened maybe 6 times since Landry began sleeping through the night), it is a wonderful occasion.
So that brings me to my story and explanation of the pictures! I was in a dead sleep when I awoke at 5:35am and thought I heard something(I can hear a pin drop...which is why my children have been in their cribs since birth! Never could sleep with a bassinet next to me) and turned on the monitor to see Landry just rolling from side to side in her crib. That little stinker! So I tried rolling her back over to no avail! She just rolled back over and kept looking around. Then Jake started crying about 10 minutes later and Landry decided to get cranked up as well.
So Matt and I both got up to start our Saturday morning extra early. Landry got some oatmeal this morning since she was eating before she was supposed to and did pretty good with it although it may not look like it from all the goo on her face(yet she is still so adorable!).
We figured why not go out for breakfast since we have some spare time, so we loaded up the babies at 6:40(am!) and headed for town(this is for Katye...we headed for Bossier City). Half way down the road we decided to hit a couple of garage sales to look for toys...after the first child you figure out that the toys can be used! After a couple more stops(just to make sure they were good and tired) we headed for home and you can see that we had two dead soldiers on our hands!
Now I might go try to lay down for a few minutes before we go for round 2. Enjoy your Saturday!!!


Lora said...

I call that-Momma Ears. I could hear the key being slid into the slot from the other end of the house. Your story is funny and reminds me why babies are for the young.

Hannah Lee said...

BABYWISE! I use it, love it, worship it, can NOT live without it! There must have been something going on this morning because Jackson goes down at 8 and gets up around 8 or so and today he was up at 6:45. Oh well, we do it for our babies! Gotta love it!