Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

This is what no afternoon nap will do to you on the way home from Wal-Mart! Landry fell asleep during our late evening run to Wally world . We got home around 7 and I laid her on the living room floor assure that she would soon wake up. Well, this was 30 minutes later......! We just bathed her and put her to bed, bless her heart!

And Jake was just playing away with his new trains that Big Mama had bought him. He is learning to pose:).
Well, Landry decided to take an afternoon nap today and I hear her waking up so I must go!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

rHa Ha, I love Jake's pose.

Hannah Lee said...

So Sweet! Thank goodness for those sweet smiles. They make every cent we spend at Wal-Mart worth while!

Lora said...

Hope she isn't up all night after that late afternoon nap.

The Tylers said...

HA! Mrs. Lora, she slept until 7:30 the next morning....who'd have thought???