Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Reality!

Well, the break is over! No more lazy days and short weeks....back to the grind. The babies will once again be on there way to Mrs. Dorothy's(courtesy of my husband of course!) while I am on my way to school. Then I have my awful Monday night class, but the bright side to this is that I will be certified in Special Education come March.
I also booked my flight(well Matt did anyway!) to Boston yesterday so it is time to start officially training for the Boston Marathon! Mom has been chipping away at her training since December 8th, but I just haven't had the same determination she has. I am using the excuse that I only trained a little over 2 months for San Antonio. But seeing as this will be a different experience now as I am training for BOSTON, I need to get on the ball! I want to be in great shape, but it really will be hard without my diligent running partners!! Sarah Grigsby(my running buddy) is doing a half in Florida on March 1, so she and I will run together some...thank goodness for that! Boston is April 20 and mom has given me a training plan to go by and that will help. Did that all sound like an excuse-let me now go forth-keep my mouth shut and stay focused. That's all for now.
Sorry if this was sporadic, I am tired and off to watch my TV show.


Lora said...

And SO you were up and after the training today-YOU GO GIRL!

Hannah Lee said...

Seriously, why can't Christmas last all year? YOU CAN DO IT!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Boston! You go girl! You're such a stud, you'll do great!