Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Saturday

Wow! It has been a full day and I am tired! Started out early, got 12 miles in(7 with Sarah and 5 by myself), was home a little before 8am only to be back in the car by 8:35 and headed to Bossier. We made it to Sadie's birthday party by 10 am and the kids had a ball! The birthday party was at Jumpin' Jupiter, which I have talked about before, is an indoor facility with about 6 bounce houses. After the playtime they had plenty to eat!

Jake and his side kick, Ben O'Dell!

Carrie Dunn, Katye Hamby(and baby Bennett..soon to be born!), Julie Martin, me, and Elizabeth O'Dell, some of our Bossier friends
After catching my 2 renegades trying to go UP the slide, I decided to take them down the slide myself.....
They loved it and Jake immediately wanted to go again. I was exhausted after the first round so I opted not to do it again!

And this is Landry as she is screaming about something....always! She has such a fun spirit!
Not sure why I have 2 duplicates of the picture below but I couldn't delete them so enjoy!

So glad we are out of school on Monday. Matt is hunting out of town and we plan to meet up with him after church tomorrow. We are looking forward to a relaxing afternoon.


Hannah Lee said...

That place looks like a blast! Have a wonderful and relaxing long weekend!

Halls said...

girl, I bet you slept good!! Where did you get Landry's adorable dress?? LOVE it! I am starting to notice dresses when i didn't before! ;)

The Tylers said...

I actually had it made by a lady in Baton Rouge.Found her at a craft show in Bossier of all places. I'll find her card and e-mail it to you!