Friday, January 30, 2009

Planning our Summer Trip!

We have been talking about a Spring Break trip with Matt's family for a while now. Last weekend we finally figured out that not all of Matt's family could go(his dad and aunt). So my mother-in-law asked us if we wanted to go to WALT DISNEY WORLD??? Yes the babies are a little young, but if you were offered a gracious trip wouldn't you take it? Well, you guessed it...we are going in June and have been calling and planning all week! The tricky part about going with young babies is that you really can't get just a normal room unless you want to sleep when they sleep and tip toe around their schedule. We decided on a suite and are staying at the Sarasota Springs Villas on the premises on Disney.

Growing up I was fortunate enough to visit DW numerous times and have my parents to thank for those wonderful memories. I haven't been to the park since I was a senior in high school(1997) and my how Disney has expanded. There are some pretty COOL hotel accommodations that we are super excited about. And although we hated to stay at a deluxe category hotel, we also figured it will be worth it being that we MIGHT be at the hotel longer than most families! Jake and Landry may handle all the activities well and they may not. I have a feeling we will be taking advantage of the zero entry pool(meaning it gradually gets deeper) at least once a day. And yours truly will be going down the water slide with all the kids, yeah I have yet to grow up!

SO now we are just trying to get transportation from the airport to the WDW resort without having to spend an absolute fortune. The direct flight on Allegiant Air from Shreveport to Orlando does NOT fly into the main airport where Disney offers FREE transportation. The cheapest fare from the airport to the resort I have found is $120 each way...SO, if you know of any hidden transportation deals out there, please let me know! Otherwise we will just fork over the money and enjoy the trip:)!

And how glad I was to have had my running buddy meet me this morning for an easy 5. When your rear view mirror says ICE where the temperature should be and the ground is frosted white, it helps to know you have someone to suffer with you! And yes I know there are colder places, and I am glad to not be running there:). After my long run tomorrow we have a birthday party in Ruston to attend. I think when you have children your enjoyment of attending birthdays heightens. But the more I think about it, why else would you be at a b-day party! I love taking the kids to parties and watching them interact with others. So until tomorrow, enjoy your FRIDAY!


Hannah Lee said...

How exciting! That sounds like it will be super fun. I guess thats why they call it "The Place Where all your Dreams Come True!"

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Awww, Disney World! How exciting! Have a great time!!!

Lora said...

Next you will want to run the Disney Marathon which runs through all the parks! LOTS OF FLAT & LOTS OF CONCRETE-but what fun! The lengths we parents will go to in order to vacation with our kids & grands!

Anonymous said...

Does the super shuttle run from the Orlando airport you are arriving in? If it does they are very reasonable. I will also be over there around that time but have to check dates. If I am there I would be more than happy to pick you all up! Nancy H

The Tylers said...

Thanks Mrs. Nancy! I would never ask you to pick us are too kind! But I will check on the super shuttle. Great idea and thanks!