Saturday, January 10, 2009

Restful Saturday!

The doctor said Landry looked great and dismissed us permanently. The greatest blessing was that he told us to go ahead with all whole milk in her bottle and no formula. I really though she may not take it, but she did and we have had no problems so far. What a praise! I seriously have been mixing formula bottles for 2 years straight and am glad to have a break from that:)! And yes, I did nurse, but not as long as I would have liked. My babies were not great nursers. So it is nice to have both of them on milk, even if we are now buying THREE different kinds! Whole, 1% for Jake, and skim for us. Now I will attempt to master the sippy cup. I just haven't been diligent with it as I know Jake was a good 15 months before he did it and was almost 2 before we did away with the bed time bottle. It'll happen soon enough.

One of my main concerns right now are Landry and her feet. When she was born her right foot was turned inwards-significant enough that we went to see the dr. about it. He said to put her in straight laced(?) shoes when she was big enough to fit in them. Well, first of all I have no idea where to get those, and second, they can't be as cute as the ones she has been wearing-JUST JOKING-not that shallow. She is more advanced than Jake was in the walking department, and I figured by now she would have taken off. Instead she seems to me to have regressed. And no this isn't a "she should be walking now" attitude. I really think it has something to do with her foot issues. The right foot is still turned in and she will seldom "uncurl" it. The dr. thinks this may have been caused by my small uterus(remember I have 2 uterus halves instead of a whole). I think we will have her checked out soon to make sure we are doing what we need to be doing.

Last night I dropped the kids off at parent's night out around 6. Matt was on his way home from refereeing a basketball game in Minden and I was meeting him back at the house. I told Mrs. Glover that I had NO intention of leaving them there until the end(10:30!) and would be back at some point before that. This was the only the second time we had taken them to PNO as Landry is just now semi-old enough to handle it. And because mom is in New Orleans with some of her running buddies to watch Celine Dion and couldn't watch them. So, long story short we ended up at the Outback in Monroe and ran into my running partner, Sarah, and her boyfriend Ryan. We didn't make it back until 10pm. Opps! But the great thing is they were absolutely fine-Landry had woken up from a 2 hour nap just before I dropped her off earlier that night so she was still chaged from that I guess-and Jake ran to me as though he hadn't seen me in years. The best part about this whole story is that they slept until almost 8 the next morning-would have thought maybe a little later but I am sure Jake thought he would miss something if he had continued sleeping. So I forewent my early morning run and went after they were settled in their high chairs with breakfast. And I conquered my first 10 mile run solo. It was pretty muggy but I got through it in well under my self-projected 1.5 hours(hey I have to self motivate so cut me some slack and let me pat myself on the back!).

Here are some pictures from the past week. We have decided that Landry will have the LEADER role in the family with her FEISTY personality. Whoooa, you have no idea. She is hilarious and if she wants something you've got-watch out! Poor Jake-yet he can hold his own as well! Enjoy your weekend-didn't mean for this message to be so lengthy.

She discovered TCBY the other night and was thrilled over her new found love for yogurt!

Laughing at Daddy as he was getting breakfast ready one morning.

Landry has also discovered chocolate chip cookies...enough said. And no one has told me how to manage her mane she has coming in quickly!!!!This was yesterday before our trip to the dr. I was determined to get a picture of her in this outfit as it will probably be the last time she wears it(one of the few things she has outgrown!). I couldn't button the sleeves. And it was one of my favorites!
So I decided she would take a better picture if I held her. Pre-lipstick:)
Have a great Saturday!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Aw, that is a cute outfit! Were your kids both in the same uterus?

Hannah Lee said...

Momma and Daughter- so sweet! Glad yall got a date night! Nick and I are ready for one!

Just say Julie said...

Cute pics! PNOs are life savers! We use one at our local Y and Will loves it cause he can play video games all night.

Lora said...

I am impressed with that solo run time. When I run alone, I tend to daydream, poke along, STAY in the old comfort zone! Hope your Mom & Buds love their weekend!

The Tylers said...

No, Camille, my children were each in a different strange I know!

Elaine said...

Suzanne, thanks SO much for the has been PERFECT! And saved us at least $150.

Emery Wilkerson said...

Love the picture of Landry eating chocolate chips! Too funny!