Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The last 2 days have been pretty rough for my sweet Landry. She has been running a high fever on and off since Sunday evening. I stayed home with her yesterday and Matt today. The dr. said it was viral and if her temperature didn't get better continuously in 4 days to bring her back. She hasn't been eating much at all....LGT cannot afford to loose any weight:(!! Mom is going to keep her tomorrow with hopes she won't have any more fever. Hopefully things will get better from now on as we have a birthday party and Easter egg hunt this Saturday(although I KNOW that's not near as important as her getting better!).

On the upbeat side of things, we bought some land today and will soon start clearing off the lot in order to build a new house! Not looking forward to all the choices and picking out things, but hopefully it will be worth it to get what we want in a house.

Just a small update!


Hannah Lee said...

I will be praying for quick recovery for Landry. Sickness is no fun for baby or mom. Hang in there! Congrats on buying the land!

Halls said...

Keep me posted on her! I hope she has a better day. I am sooo excited about your new land!!! Yay!! I predict lots of playdates! ;)

Sarah Kate Taylor said...

I am sorry you feel bad Landry. I know how you feel. I hope you get better soon. And don't worry, the Easter Bunny will still come and see you if you are sick.

Jessica Stephenson said...

Hope Landry is feeling better and that you all can enjoy your weeekend! I'm excited to see how your house progresses.