Friday, April 3, 2009

Going on Day 6

This post was from LAST Thursday....I got a little side tracked! What else can I say???? Landry was still feeling terrible during these pictures. Please forgive my taking them. She was a upbeat for a few moments on being outside, but that moment passed quickly! We had a great weekend and I will post those pictures tonight(maybe!).

Landry finally started smiling last night and is starting to feel better. More on that tonight...we just decided to go to Bossier and eat with Matt's parents and aunt....I need to clean my house, but it'll be here tomorrow(Lord willing)...

Landry got bumped by Jake(who was trying his best to get the tractor out so he could ride on it)...and it was all over!yes, she is squalling with chocolate on her mouth and yes, I fed her chocolate because she would NOT eat anything but Hershey's kisses......

I made some treat bags for the kids at Mrs. Dorothy's house and Jake was all enthralled. And yes, this was Friday morning and he too had some chocolate for breakfast because LGT was still feeling bad and he was insisting....caught me at a weak moment!