Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Post...Finally!

Loading pictures took forever!! Sorry about the delay....but we had another good weekend despite the fact that Landry still wasn't feeling well. Friday I stayed home with Landry who had been battling ear infections all week long. We had planned on doing parent's night out at our church, but had to cancel due to LGT. So we just hung around the house hoping Saturday would be a little better.

Well, Saturday came and Landry seemed a little better, but we were on day 6 at that point. I took Jake to Jackson Lee's 2nd birthday that morning and he had a ball! He loved playing with his buddies and hopefully we can see more of them this summer when I am off:).

After a short nap, we headed to an Easter egg hunt at Heather Yates' mother's house. Jake loved hunting the eggs and enjoying the treats. I loved watching him get excited about them and his facial expressions were priceless!

Sunday was a little better for Landry, but Monday morning(4:45) she woke up screaming and it took me a while to get her settled again and back to sleep. She fell back asleep until 9, and thankfully mom came over and watched her. Needless to say we were back at the dr. this morning and are on another dose of antibiotics. Thanks mom for keeping her those 2 days.
My mother in law is driving over from Bossier tomorrow to keep her, and then Dorothy is closed the next 2 days. I am off Friday and Monday, so hopefully by next Tuesday she will be ready to get back to her normal routine.

This weekend we are looking forward to time off and of course, Easter. Be back soon.....

Jackson and his posse....trying to help him open presents(or steal them and run off, as mine did.....
Jake singing Happy Birthday to Jackson. I love hearing him sing....so sweet!
Jackson's sweet cake!
On our way to the egg hunt...had to include Landry in the picture as she didn't get to go with us to any of the festivities that day:(.

Jake listening to the instructions before the big hunt!

Posing for a picture.


adrian seney said...

So sorry that Landry has been so sick. Hope she gets better soon!! Love the cute pictures...Jake is a cutie!

Hannah Lee said...

What a weekend! I am glad Landry is better and I am so glad enjoyed the party. Jackson had a blast hanging with Jake! See you soon!

dani said...

poor little Landry! (and poor Mommy too!) hope she is back to herself very soon :)

Ryan said...

Poor baby! Annabelle had an ear infection this past week, too. But she's doing a lot better now. I hope this second dose of antibiotics helps! Your kids are so precious! I love seeing pictures!
~ Emily

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Did Jake really steal a present and run off? That's hilarious!

Halls said...

Poor Landry!! I was hoping you were out of the woods with her ears!