Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greetings from Boston

Took this picture last night with Dick have probably seen him on TV and such. He runs with his son who has CP. Has done numerous marathons but even more impressive is that he has done some Hawaii Ironmans with his son in tow. Amazing. Felt pretty dumb when I told him he was in the same coral as mom(they were according to the bib number listed on the BAA website). I knew as soon as the words came out of my mouth that I had said something stupid because he said, "Oh no, we would get run over, we start at 9:22 with the wheelchairs." Just felt that I should have known that. Felt pretty silly and mom and I have laughed and laughed about it. Guess you just had to be here!

We have had a full day in Boston and are almost ready to call it a day. I have spent more than my share of $$$$ and have plenty of Boston memorabilia! We are trying to get to the pre-race pasta party, so I won't be long. Just wanted to share these pictures with you!

At the finish line of marathon.
With Carrie Tollefson, US Olympian and former NCAA champion at Villinova.

In front of the official symbol of the Boston Marathon.

Mom picking up her race number
The guy looks super excited to hand me my number(but he really was nice!).

In front of some sign.

We are in the second wave, which starts at 10:30. I am in the first coral of the 2nd wave, the 14th(each coral has 1,000 runners in it) and mom is in the 21st coral. The shuttles for us start at 6:45 and run until 7:30. They will bus us out to the town of Hopkinton where they have an Athlete's Village set up. At the appropriate time, we will be ushered to our coral by order. It should be cold and windy in the morning but hopefully no rain. I did buy some arm warmers to run in, although I hate that I am trying something new at this point. And since I paid, $30 for them, I also hate to throw them away if they become bothersome. Lets hope they are OK! Everyone has been pretty friendly and most think we're from Texas...close enough!

Saw this quote today:

Chasing the finish line and not my kids, this is "me time". Thought that pretty much summed up why I run. Yes, I have expectations and truly hope I will not be disappointed with my effort. Remind me to have some fun!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Y'all look so excited!!!! Have a great race! We're rooting for you!

Hannah Lee said...

Yall can do it! Yall can do it! Go have fun and know there is a ton of support behind yall here! Kick that Marathon's hinny!!!

Lora said...