Friday, April 17, 2009

Because I am a Loser!

Although I know you have SO many better things to do, just thought I would let you know that I will be posting from Boston. Leaving tomorrow and getting things packed up as we are going to Bossier tonight. Matt is staying with his parents in Bossier this weekend.

Please keep Jake in your prayers as he is undergoing a surgery on Tuesday morning. Won't go into great detail, but this is his 3rd one and hopefully his last. I will not be there for him until I get home that night. We had to schedule this procedure during spring break and it unfortunately fell during the same time as Boston. So please keep him and Matt and Landry(you get the drift!) in your prayers. HATE that I won't be there and am working on getting an earlier flight in from Boston on Tuesday.

So until tomorrow night, happy running!

If you still need the link for tracking at the marathon, click here. My bib number is 14508. Can't remember mom's number off hand. You can look it up on my older posts. Gotta go!


Hannah Lee said...

I am signed up!~ I am sending you all of my energy, prayers, and love to you! :) You guys are going to do great! Be careful and have fun!