Thursday, April 30, 2009

Almost Friday!!

We have had a pretty good week and are looking forward to the weekend. I get out of school at 11am tomorrow due to our high school softball team making the playoffs....YEAH!!!

Wednesday night we went to the fair in town and Jake had fun after the initial motorcycle ride....he came off crying but rode it again 15 minutes later and was fine. Landry rode 1 ride and was a little less than thrilled although we did get a couple of waves from her!

First prize we "won" (or paid $5 for) when we got there....:). Jake is getting better at "cheesing" for me.

The first motorcycle ride....trying SO hard not to show a scared face! Got around one more time and he was crying to get off!
Landry's reaction to her first ride.

Jake LOVED the play house..although I had to carry him through it the whole time.
Landry and her Big D!

Tammy Coates and Dianna Grigsby surprised me this morning with a cake in the teacher's lounge at school. No I didn't have my camera! This was Tammy's pic. They are SO sweet! Their daughters have been my running thankful!(notice the 2 dots between the numbers...the guy misunderstood that they wanted a colon between the numbers and not a "dot dot" as he was told! Just gotta remember who your working with when you order a cake!)
We are having baby dedication next weekend at church and I needed a head shot of Landry for the church. So we went to our trusty Wal-Mart store this evening and got a pretty good shot of her. The new picture of the 2 of them above turned out great too! Happy Mother's Day to my mom, mother-in-law, and Aunt Lou! They will get these for gifts. Mom was with us so she already knows:)!
Jake with his trademark drool. What more can I say!
We have parent's night out at church tomorrow and we are planning doing something fun...still in the planning stages. Looking forward to that. And only 21 more days of school.


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Hannah Lee said...

Have fun at your date night! I loved the Bistro! I am on a count-down as well...3 weeks of Spring Quarter then 7 weeks of Clinicals! YAY!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

CUTE PICTURES! I love the drool...