Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break Fun!!

We had a wonderful and busy day today starting with donuts for breakfast in the front yard..why not something different for a change!

After that we met up with some friends at Lincoln Parish park to feed the ducks and play on the playground. The kids had a blast and we stayed for over 2 hours. The weather was wonderful and it was good to catch up with Katie and Erin.

The kids were more excited over the caterpillar they found. Pictured with Jake and Landry are Conner Johnson and Landon Hall.
Swinging with my babies
Landry loved waving at sweet Kennedy.

Smiling at all the bubbles

Then this afternoon we had to run some errands and I let the kids get an ICEE. They loved it and thought these pictures were cute to share:

Tonight we went to our friend Reed's baseball game. The kids did not STOP running from one end of the ballpark to the other. They had a great time! Looking forward to many memories there with Jake one day! Hoping they will sleep great tonight.....
So...we are in for a busy weekend and will keep you posted. Have a great Friday!


Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! I love the icee pics. Too cute! Glad you are enjoying spring break. :)

Halls said...

Love the icee pics!! I really enjoyed catching up with you. Can't wait for the summer to do it more often! Hope you had a great trip to Shreveport

Hannah Lee said...

Looks like you guys had a great Spring Break! Hate I didn't get to catch up with you and Katie on Friday. I have had a very busy week. The babies looked precious! See you soon :)

the Jennings secede from the South said...

WAY TO GO on your race! You did awesome and I'm glad you're having a good spring break!