Saturday, April 11, 2009

Carousel Rides and Egg Hunts!

We have had a great couple of days and been on the go constantly! We played on our tractor and wagon yesterday morning, and when Matt got home from work we went to the mall so that Jake could ride the carousel. He talked about it all morning and could not wait! Landry, on the other hand, was a little less than thrilled and rode it once while Jake took THREE more rides:).

Last night we went out to dinner with some friends and tried out the new restaurant in town. It was really good and we saw quite a few people there! It was fun and we got a babysitter for the occasion, as mom and dad have been helping out a lot and we needed to give them a break! Luckily both kids slept in and we got up just in time to make in to an Easter egg hunt at Trinity!
Our carousel ride...

Before we went inside, we had to take a picture with this bunny. Jake wasn't too sure that the bunny wasn't real, but after a few minutes he decided to take a picture by it.
We had a great time and there was a lot to do inside as well as hunt eggs outside. So glad they put little toys in the eggs instead of junk! We'll get enough of that from the Easter bunny tomorrow!

Jake shook every egg to see if there was something in it. He got so excited...too funny!
Landry hunted them for a while, but she mainly just wanted to be held. Playing the games inside. This was taken at the "duck pond" and shortly after, Landry decided she wanted to get WET and tried to climb in....luckily I caught her just in time.
After this we went to the Tech spring game festivities. The game didn't start until 1 and we arrived a little after 11. So needless to say we really didn't make it to the actual game...nap time took precedence and my battery went out on my camera. Tonight we are going to eat some crawfish with Matt's aunt and dad....YUMMY!
I hope you have a wonderful Easter!


Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

Love the post!! I had to call Ryan over to the computer so he could see how much those babies have grown. Jake looks like a little man in his blue jeans and polo. Of course, Landry looks like a little princess!! Those babies are beautful!

adrian seney said...

Sweet pictures of your precious little ones! Looks like y'all are having a great weekend. Happy Easter!

The Tylers said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I just got finished putting out the Easter baskets and am embarrassed that I put so much emphasis on Easter this year. We of course talked about the Easter story and the real meaning of Easter, so maybe I'm not so bad............!