Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun with Grandparents!

We are so blessed to have my parents close-by. Even when we lived in Benton, Matt's parents were 5 minutes away. What in the world would we do without them? Well, life just wouldn't be near as fun:)!!!
This weekend was another busy and fun one. Friday we went to eat dinner with some friends. Saturday morning started out EARLY for me as I got my 22 mile run over with by 8:45ish. Downhill from here! After taking advantage of the kids napping, I headed to a baby shower for a friend of mine, Kellye Ketchum. Then GiGi(Matt's mom) was on her way home from West Monroe and stopped by to babysit the kiddos while Matt and I went out to eat and then to a movie. Needless to say I was EXHAUSTED by the time we got home. And WHO woke up at 5:30am....JAKE TYLER! But he did go back to sleep with us until 7 thank goodness.
Today after naps, we tool advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out to Lincoln Parish Park. So many people were out there and the kids had a great time!
Below are some pictures taken at Big D and Big Mama's house. Mom just got some great deals on toys at the Kool Kids consignment sale. The best was a train table for Jake! He loves it and one of mom's friends just gave her a lot of Thomas the Train Engine toys. Jake constantly wants to go over and play trains now:).
Jake and Landry playing on their toys in the backyard.

At the park today in the wagon. We saw some ducks on the "beach" and Landry was heading straight for the water. My girl has NO fear! Of course Jake was screaming at her, "No LU LU no!!".......
Jake playing with his trains at my parent's house
Again at the park, Landry LOVING the swing!
At the shower yesterday for sweet Kellye
On our way out to eat Friday with sweet Landry.


Hannah Lee said...

We thought about going to the park today but ended up hanging out at the club. Such beautiful weather! That train setup looks great! Glad yall had another great weekend ;)

Halls said...

I hate that i missed you guys today!! looks like you had fun!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I can't believe you were still standing after that 22 miler! I would've been on the couch!!!

The Tylers said...

BELIEVE ME CAMILLE< I wanted to be on the COUCH:)!

dani said...

yes you are very blessed to have family close by!!! i can't tell you how much we'd love that :( and i am so jealous of the nice weather! (and your ability to run so well too..yea for you!)