Friday, March 27, 2009

23 Days to Boston!

But just WHO is counting the days??? ME! That's who. Yes, I am getting more and more excited about it. I just gotta get past one more LONG training run tomorrow. We received our bib numbers on Monday and it kinda made me a little upset to know I was in wave 2. There are only 2 waves and you are placed according to your entry time. It is probably best that I am in that wave as mom and I will start out together(wave 1 starts around 10am and wave 2 starts at 10:30, I think) and this will mean less wait at the finish line-she MAY be waiting on ME!!

What am I NOT looking forward to? Well, probably the PAIN that comes with a marathon. I had a high school running buddy who told me that the race begins at mile 20(a marathon is 26.2 miles for those of you who might not know) and that pretty much sums up the entire race. Mile 20-26 might as well be another full marathon in itself. Let's also add in the fact that HEARTBREAK HILL is at mile 21 and is a FULL mile UPHILL. But hey-what can you do except run it?!! I will say that when I finished San Antonio, it took me a FULL 30 minutes to come back into reality. Exhausted wasn't the word.

I had a friend ask me if I was pumped about going to Boston, and although I am, it is not exactly a Spring Break trip(yes, it happens to be my S.B from school that week) since I know what the trip will entail! But on the bright side, it is truly a dream come true that mom and I are running it together. Some might not know that this is a qualifying race. According to your age, you have to run a marathon in a certain time in order to qualify. I know for my mom this has been something she wanted to do with me since she ran her first Boston in April of 2003. I am sure once we are there, I will hopefully have some euphoric feelings about running another marathon:)! So that now brings us to the year 2009 and we are making it happen. For that reason I am pumped about doing the race. Do I have a finishing goal? Yes and no. I haven't thought too much about it, but I would like to run faster than San Antonio-and that was on a very flat course. My time there was 3:35:46. I do feel that I am in better shape this time around. Boston is down hill for the first half(according to mom) and rolling uphill for the next half. Trying not to think about the second half:)!!!

So that brings me to the athlete tracking part of the race. You can read the message below and track us if you would like. My bib number is: 14508 and mom's is: 21420. It asks for a date of birth and if you need mine, it is 11/11/1978. I would love for you to track us if you are interested. If not, no biggy! Just an option.

AT&T Athlete Alert Program
Now, thanks to AT&T, your friends and family can be right alongside you on the course. Just have them register to receive automatic updates on your progress using the AT&T Athlete Alert Program. First, tell them your bib number. Then, ask them to text RUNNER to 41234. It's as simple as that. For more information, or to register on-line, click here. Forward this email, along with your official BIB#, to all your friends and family so no matter where they are on race day, they'll be right there with you. AT&T. Your World. Delivered.


Hannah Lee said...

It is going to be so much fun! After you get all that running finished, you will see that Boston is an amazing city. I am so glad you and your mom get to take part in that together!

Adam Jennings said...

COOL! This is so exciting, friend! You are going to rock Boston and it is so neat that you & your mom are doing it together!

Adam Jennings said...

That was me, Camille....not Adam

Lora said...

WE are ALL excited for both of you!

Shelley (Cole) Parker said...

Well, I know how IMPRESSIVE it is that you and your mom are running Boston and I am so glad you are getting to do it together!! I will be praying for both of you to have safe runs....and I have you set up on my phone :) See you Wednesday!

Halls said...

that is so awesome that you are doing this with your mom. What great memories! I will have to load it on my phone so i can keep up. By the way, your SA time is great...will be tough to beat!! ;)