Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend and did several fun things! Friday night we went to Genusa's in Monroe with our friends, the Madden's and the Sexton's. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! I ended up using the weather and my knee as an excuse not to run my 21 mile long run Saturday morning and instead slept in until 8am(the kids were in Bossier). After we got up we headed to Shreveport to do a little shopping, then came back to my in-laws for a quick lunch.
After lunch we headed to Emma's birthday party where the kids had a fun time looking at different animals. Landry absolutely loved petting them and Jake was a little on the cautious side. We left and went home to put the babies down for a late nap while we took Mark and Elizabeth with us to go look at a couple of house styles we like.
Last night we went out to eat with the Turner's and Mark and Elizabeth. I haven't had this much adult time is a long time....we really had a good weekend. This morning we got ready quickly and headed back to Ruston so that we could make it back for church. has been a fast weekend but a lot of fun. Enjoy the pictures!

Charlette Madden, Jennifer Sexton, and I at Genusa's in Monroe

Landry petting the baby ferret
Jake and the bunny rabbit
Landry and the birthday girl with the bunny...Landry just grabbed it right away from the worker...she is truly one of kind!
Jake was wanting to get some candy eggs that were on the snake cake and when we told him no...this is what Matt got! Priceless...................can you tell he already had one piece of candy in his mouth???
Our attempt at a family picture. Turned out better than most!
The lopsided picture of the style house we like..........we'll see!
The four of us before dinner
Be back sometime this week.


Hannah Lee said...

I am so glad you got some much needed adult time! Love the pics of the party and house! Hope this week goes by fast...I sure hope it does :)

Lora said...

OH YEAH-the puffed out cheek and shifty look in the eye-DEAD GIVE AWAY-I may have done something BAD! said...

Hey! Do you want your frame just like the last one? When are you coming in town next?

Halls said...

I am so envious of your adult time and sleeping in! I am so glad you deserve it! Love Jake's 'look'!!