Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fast Weekend

Whew! Where did the weekend go? We celebrated Thomas Allen's 2nd birthday in style at Hidden Oak pet farm in Haughton. To say the kids had a blast was an understatement. Really, this was the best party so far as Jake and Landry had a BALL. Neither one slowed down the entire time. The cow train, pulled by a golf cart, was Jake's favorite activity. He rode it 3 times and Landry was a sport for 1 ride. She was the go getter around all the animals. I let her down and she was on the run. Jake ,on the other hand, was a little more cautious. Matt had to umpire on Saturday and I vowed after the last 2 birthday parties that I would no longer do them alone...thanks mom for tagging along.
After the party we ventured into Shreveport to visit the Bow Shop and then Toy Fair(has to use my 20% coupon!) and the kids did very well considering. Then we headed to Benton to take some pictures of some houses we really like.....which brings me to my next topic:
We are very close to buying a lot in Creek's Edge subdivision. We have decided that instead of waiting for something to "come up" in Ruston, we will build. We have found a builder(he built Matt's boss' house and also lives in Creek's Edge). It will be a while for all of this to take place and we are patient that all good things take time:).
Last night we went to the Sexton's house for some YUMMY crawfish. This was our first tasting this season and they did not dissapoint. Landry ate FIVE herself. This was weird because she is my very picky eater. The kids had a great time and were worn out by the time their heads hit the bed!
So now we are in for a new week and I am carrying a little lighter load in that I am DONE with my class work for the state of LA! Woohoo! Now, how long will it be before I decide to go back and finish my +30???? Who knows..but for now I am done!

On my last note...Boston is SIX weeks from tomorrow. Sarah ran her half marathon in Seaside FL last Sunday and ran an awesome PR of 1:36! I was so proud of her, yet I miss her company on my runs. Ivory Bass acompanied me on my 20 mile long run last Saturday and I was grateful for that. I did 13 this past Friday and took the weekend off. It was nice as this week will be full of mileage and end with a 21 mile long run on Saturday. Lovely..............have a good week!


Lora said...

AHH-BUT the end is in sight!

REALLY cute pics of kids. Jake seems to be getting tall & skinny. THE DAY IS COMING when dressing like Sister will not be COOL! I KNOW your Mom had as much fun as the kids did!

Hannah Lee said...

You are not kidding about it being a fast weekend - 1) with all the going yall did and 2) all the miles you ran! You go girl! See ya soon!