Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FUN Pics!

I wanted to post some fun pictures taken here lately. We met Matt's Uncle Frank out at Squire Creek as he was in town for some State Trooper's business. As usual, the children wouldn't cooperate for pictures but I posted some nonetheless! Then we went to Cook Park and played there before going home for a much needed nap:). This afternoon we bought a sprinkler and the kids had SO MUCH FUN! Figured we needed to do it now before the cold weather comes in:(. I pulled out the big lens on my camera while they were in the yard and got some great pictures.

At Squire Creek checking out the chair............

On the perfectly manicured lawn...beautiful!
If only they would LOOK at me:)
With Uncle Frank's Crew(he is the third from the left)
At the park playing with the leaves!Their first reaction!
Sweet girl with that big bow in her hair;)

Loving the water
Talking on Daddy's phone when he arrived home.
Enjoy the rest of your week!


Hannah Lee said...

So cute! I could just eat them up! This weather today absolutely stinks! Glad yall got to take advantage of the few beautiful days!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Jake has really pretty eyes! I like that first pic a lot!

Halls said...

ADORABLE!! that's all i got to say!!!

Sarah Kate Taylor said...

SK is feeling much better. Thank God:) I went home last night and told Angie how cute your kids were playing in the water. Your camera takes great pictures.