Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

Due to lack of news to post, I thought I would leave you with a list of 25 random things about moi. Posted this on Facebook, but not all of you are on FB! So enjoy or don' might not be very interesting to ya!

1) My dad taught me 3 things that I still do to this day: never put anything on top of the Bible, always try to call a person by their name(adds that little touch), and always tithe.
2) When I was a senior and on a recruiting visit to the University of Kansas, I got the opportunity to meet Jim Ryun. He was the first American to break 4 minutes in the mile. Pretty cool opportunity!
3) I moved to Bossier to do my student teaching and live with my grandma. The coach I did my student teaching under set me up on a blind date with his husband. I was not a COOL first date and went out with him again due to boredom. Who knew??? Couldn't live without him a few weeks later!
4) We had no children on our third wedding anniversary and 2 on our 2 SEPARATE pregnancies. Try to beat that one!
5) I am training for the Boston marathon along side my mom(this will be her 2nd Boston) who is 63. Not too many people can say they ran Boston with their momma. This will make it special.
6) I have 2 pet peeves: gum chewing and bad drivers. Both make me cringe!!!
7) My best friends in life were made during the 7 years I lived in Bossier parish. 70 miles hasn't changed much at all!!! Still talk to them 3-4 times a week.
8) Love my children more than I ever thought possible. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how fast they are growing up.
9) I began running in the 10th grade to lose weight. ONLY reason. Then discovered I was a competitor and with a great coach wound up winning 5 state titles and earning a college scholarship to Auburn. Wound up back in Ruston after a year but wouldn't trade anything for the opportunities running has given me!1
0) Oh and I might add I went to 3 colleges my freshman year(stopped at LSU-BR before heading to LA Tech).....:). My poor parents is all I can say.
11) I didn't get a chance to visit D.C. until after college. I went with Matt and his mom. For a history buff, this was by far the most interesting and fun vacation I have ever had! I am still talking about the Smithsonian's. Still trying to talk my dad into making the trip!
12) I have met so many friends through running.
13) One of my great friends from high school, Jonathan Macaskill, is a Navy Seal. To me, I can think of no one more deserving of such a great honor. We got a chance to hang out with Jon and his wife ,Carrie, in May when we were in San Diego. It was a great visit!
14) In April of 2007, April fools day was on a Sunday. We thought it would be funny to play an April fools joke on out Sunday school class. We told them we had some news....we were pregnant again(Jake was not quite 4 months old at the time). On April 22, I found out the joke was on us and that we were expecting. My how God has a sense of humor!
15) I am not a neat freak about anything, could care less if the laundry gets done, bed gets made. Hoping I'll change one day. Figure it'll get done tomorrow:)!
16) If I could change something about the past, I would have visited with my grandparents more. Would love to ask advice on how they would handle different situations. Would love to have just one more dinner with them. I get angry at myself when I think of how selfish I was in my younger years.
17) I truly believe that God puts us in certain situations to teach us life lessons. He builds my faith in this way.
18) God has blessed me with a husband who has the patience of a SAINT. Enough said. Love him to pieces.
19) One of the most powerful influences in my life was my Grandma Dyson. She was the most Godly woman I knew and will always envision her on her knees before bedtime saying her prayers. She never went to bed without her prayers first. I continue to one day have the FAITH she had.
20) Until I became a parent, I never TRULY appreciated the sacrifices my parents made for me and my siblings. Among MANY things, they always made sure we had family vacations. This is a memory I will make sure my family has as well. They are important.
21) I have 2 uterus's. Eaach child was carried in a different one. Very rare.
22) As a 5th year senior year at Tech I was asked to run cross country that fall(I graduated that same quarter). The WAC championships were in Honolulu. Only reason I ran was for the free trip. So glad I got the chance to go and visit Pearl Harbor. Truly a once in a lifetime visit.
23) My mom is my best friend and am so glad to only have a 3 minute drive from my driveway to hers!
24) My nephew Nicholas is autistic and it took me a while to accept this when I was young and immature. Again God opened a door and I find great joy(on most days!!) in being a special education teacher.
25) Growing up in a Christian home and have 2 wonderful role models is a value that I strive to hold high in my household. I pray that my children will learn the virtues and values of Christianity. May they fear the Lord and know his great mercy and grace. That is my main goal in life. Other than that, what truly matters?

Have a great week!


SND said...

Makes us proud you are our daughter. Love, Mom and Dad P. S. I am only 62!!

Lora said...

I KNEW your Mom would call you on that one-DON'T MAKE US OLDER THAN WE ARE! SWEET POST!