Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Outing

Since Matt has been umpiring baseball all week, including tonight, we decided to hit the road and head to Monroe where they have a carousel at the mall. Mom was gracious enough to tag along and help me out. They weren't too sure about it at first...Landry even decided to get back in the stroller:), but once we got on an animal, all was right in the world. They liked it enough to ride it twice in a row. Although she never smiled, Landry was a big girl and held on tight.Here they are first taking it all in...

Jake was thrilled! Talking about and naming all the animals
While Landry walked over and got back in the stroller...their roles were reversed tonight, with Landry not being her normal assertive self.
The kiddos and I along with my mom below
You can see from what they are wearing that it was 75 + degrees all day. But when we left the mall it was already in the 60's. Of course it is supposed to be freezing all next week and the babies are taking daffodil pictures Wednesday afternoon:(. Hopefully it will warm up enough!
It has been a LONG week with Matt being gone every night to umpire. He is working for 2 different leagues this year and hasn't gotten his schedule straight I suppose. Matt has been umpiring for 10 + years now and mainly does it because he enjoys it AND the cash money is a plus! But whew...I need a break!
In the morning I am doing 20 miles and Ivory has been so gracious to let me do 7(miles), then she is going to meet me at 6:30 and do the remaining 13 with me. If you don't run and have no idea how someone can run this far, let me tell you that a partner makes all the difference in the world! Wouldn't have made it very far without one! So, I am starting out at 5:30 and am off to get some sleep. Have a great weekend!


Halls said...

Hey!! cute pics!! Are they in Kelly's kids outfits? I havent even ordered my stuff yet, much less have them in! They are adorable! Let me know when you wanna playdate!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Hope your loooooong run went well! Those babies look cute!

The Tylers said...

Thanks girls! And yes, those are KK outfits:). A friend of mine convinced me to order in Jan. due to everything being backordered! And how true! A lot of their stuff won't get here until March...backordered. Oh well! Supposed to be cold all next week anywho so we won't be wearing it much! Have a good weekend!