Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Update

Thought I would write in a quick update during Friday recess at school:)! Matt's visit went great with Ben and Katye. He said the ECNO(sp) machine that Bennett is on is incredible. He said Ben and Katye's spirits were good. Emotional as you can imagine, but they are good. MINIMUM stay in LR will be 8 weeks. I am sure they miss sweet Sadie to death, but she will make several visits there. We have friends that plan on making the trek there this weekend and some more next week. Matt and I plan to go up there within the month and visit. He said they truly appreciated seeing him(or so he said!). So please keep them in your prayers as they are still needed.

As for this weekend, we have Parent's Night Out tonight(woo hoo!) and I don't PLAN to leave the kiddos there as late as we did last time! Plan is to go to dinner with some friends. Then I have a lovely long run tomorrow and we have another birthday party to attend in Bossier. It helps that this one isn't until 4 and we don't have to rush as much! And thanks for those who came to the C & C party yesterday. I really had a good time visiting with every one and I thought it was a pretty decent turn out:). Until later...........