Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun Friday!

We had a GREAT time eating dinner with some friends last night while the kiddos were at the church. Had some wonderful food and even better conversation:). Got home around 9:45 and we all went to bed as we were pretty exhausted. Got my long run of 17 miles over with this morning and had some confirmation that only running 4 days a week is not slowing us(me and Sarah) down as I ran my fastest long run ever! Sarah met me after I ran 7 miles and finished the last 10 with me. Averaged 8:09 a mile for 17 miles. Used to think 8 minute miles were slow until I started this marathon stuff!
So now I have 2 babies to take care of...thought I would leave you with some pictures of last night and this past week.

OH!!! And today is a BIG DAY for Landry Grace! We are turning her car seat around:). Big Day, Big Day!
Last night on our way home

Meg Harrington, Laura Jones and me...we took a break from our conversation for a quick pic!

One morning they woke up early and had their bottles while they watched some TV

I found Jake sitting in from of everyone last night watching Veggie Tales. He saw me, turned around, and continued to watch......
One day after school reading a book. So glad my kids LOVE to be read to !


Lora said...

Great pics!

IN MY DREAMS-8 minute miles!

Hannah Lee said...

I am so glad yall got to go be with adults and have some fun! Parents Night Out are awesome! Good for you and your 17 mile 8 minute/mile run! That is incredible and I am so proud of you. See you soon!

Emery Wilkerson said...

Is that the Waterfront Grill in that pic?!?! Sad I could recognize it in one picture if it is! haha! Glad ya'll had a great night out!!