Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Belated Weekend Post

I have been tired this past week and thus have neglected to post. So here is my recap from last Saturday on: We turned Landry's car seat around finally at 14 months old. I figured she was very close to the 20 pound required weight. She loves it! She has been giggling in the car ever since and enjoys the new sights. We made it to Emerson Van Hoy's birthday party in Bossier and the kids had a ball. After that we spent the night at the Tylers' and Matt and I were able to catch a movie at the Boardwalk. That was a lot of fun! Can't remember what we saw but it was great! So much for my memory:).

Mondays are SO long for me as they start out early with my morning run and end late with my night class. Luckily next week is the next time we meet...I'll still have my graduate project to turn in along with an on-line final, but we will not meet after next week.

Today the weather was BEAUTIFUL and although I did skip my morning run, I promised myself I would not feel guilty and not try to do it later. Instead we went to the park this afternoon and the kids had a ball. I swear Landry thinks she is 5 as she is 1 step behind her brother always.

And my apologies for not updating you on Baby Bennett. I talked with Katye yesterday and he is still on the ECMO machine. They are hoping to take him off later in the week(I think my understanding is correct). My friend Melody and I are planning on going to LR Sunday for the day and I am looking forward to that. Maybe then I will have a better idea of what exactly is happening. Nonetheless, continue to pray for them and their entire situation.

Here are some pics from our outings:

Landry's reaction to her car seat being turned around for the first time......

Jake and Landry playing in the Hummer at the birthday party

We are going to have to get better at sharing. Enough said!

I LOVE having a little girl to dress up, if you haven't noticed:)

In 15 short years this look makes me VERY nervous!

The Birthday cake industry has exploded! Sweet Emmi's birthday cake Emmi enjoying her own birthday cake!
And Sweet Landry is finally off the bottle, with the exception of her bedtime bottle!
And may they always be this satisfied with diaper genie refills!


Anonymous said...

Great Pics! I really love the one of Landry in the doorway...those blue eyes...and driving the car, she cracks me up! We just turned Cameron around this weekend too! He just turned 11 months,but is about 21 lbs. He loves it! Thanks for the update on Bennett. Tell Ben and Katye we are praying!

Lora said...


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love Landry's facial expression driving the funny!

Halls said...

such a big girl!!! Thanks for the update on Bennett. I have been thinking about them. Have a safe trip if you decide to go up to LR!