Tuesday, February 3, 2009

E-Mail from Mrs. Hamby

We recieved this e-mail from Ben's mom today. Thought I would share! Some promising news!

Katye was released from hospital today and Mike and Jane took her to Arkadelphia and Ben and Eddie met her there. I think B & K have been up beside the baby almost the entire time they have been
there. I was concerned that Katye was standing all that time. When 4-5 hours passed and I hadn’t heard anything I finally called Eddie’s cellphone because Sadie had gone to sleep and I didn’t want him calling and waking her up. We talked a while and finally he saw B & K coming off of the elevator. He said to me, “They are smiling.”

The progress is slow but slow progress is welcomed much more than regress. I think I’ve said that Eddie has a cousin whose daughter in law is head of nurses or something like that at the AR Heart
Institute. She has become the interpreter. We are told the heart looks great. Just need the hole to close that is suppose to close before birth so the blood can flow correctly. The lungs are the
problem....just before you are born a sticky substance forms in your lungs....I won’t try to say the word....but being as Bennett is 5 weeks early that sticky stuff has not formed. So they are

giving Bennett a synthetic form of that.

The blood pressure was too low and that has improved some and the doc told the attending person (someone is at the ecmo machine 24 hrs.) they could pull back on some of the blood pressure med.
Earlier today there was some issue with the blood they didn’t like so they changed the antibiotic they were giving.

At one point today the doc said “This is the best day yet.” We are so encouraged. I have 3 portable phones in the house and people are checking so faithfully that I can’t keep them charged up.
I have never been good about punching the button for call waiting so I have missed a few. The response of prayers and concern from our Christian friends has been awesome.

Sadie has been running some fever. I’ll keep her home from daycare (who have also been terrific) tomorrow and she has a regular doc appt on Wednesday so I was trying to hold off taking her until

Ben has a Federal Jury summons for next Wed and I called on that today and they were very understanding and said to have Little Rock fax them something and they’d put it in his file and defer

his summons until next year. Eddie not going to BPCC classes on Tuesday and if doesn’t go on Thursday then they will probably be looking for someone to replace him because unless he is feeling
really good about Bennett he isn’t leaving B & K. After all that is why we moved back from Texas!!!! But if he feels okay to come home he’ll teach his classes Thurs morning and go back. I have suggested we get the 5th wheel up there to cut down on motel costs. Ben signed up for Ronald McDonald House which has a waiting list but we don’t know how long.

Sadie and I could go up some if the camper was up there and maybe....I don’t know how that plays out....she really doesn’t know what is going on. I know she loves her JoJo but she’s missing
her mom and dad and realizes that this has turned into a mighty long Friday night sleepover. I cannot express our thanks for the prayers and emails and phone calls. It has truly been amazing but
I don’t know why I sound surprised. God’s people just do that....take care of and encourage one another. Please don’t let up on the prayers....I know they work. We love you!!! Joanne


SND said...

That note does sound so wonderful. A prayer request was sent to Trinity Methodist in Ruston this morning, so the Methodist will praying BIG TIME for the Hamby's. God bless their family!!