Friday, March 13, 2009

Sooooo Glad it's Friday!

I have a little break and decided to post about our upcoming weekend:)! The kids are going to my in-laws this afternoon to spend the night. We have Parent's Night Out at church(obviously our children aren't going) and plan on going out to dinner with some couples in our SS class. Really looking forward to some adult time!

On a side note, I must mention that this day light savings time has really changed up LGT's schedule. Since Sunday, she has gone to taking only ONE nap a day....she is really growing up! Jake took 2 naps until last August! Good news is that we decided 8pm was just too late for bedtime and moved it back to 7:30. On top of the additional 30 minutes, both kids are sleeping later (between 6:45 and 8am)due to it still being dark-Landry later than Jake but that's fine. And Landry's one nap at Dorothy's has been pretty lengthy-2 hours or more. So I'll take it...just makes cooking dinner with a one year old on your hip a little more difficult!

Onto the weekend plans...I am trying not to talk myself out of my 21 mile run although I'll be doing it SOLO...uuggghh, because the weather is supposed to clearing up and I cannot use the rain as an excuse. I am having some knee pain...but nonetheless it needs to be done!
We are then going to Bossier to take the kids to a birthday party-this one at Critter and Company-should be a lot of fun! Then tomorrow night will be going out with Matt's brother and Elizabeth, along with Matt's buddy Jay and his wife Ashley. I'm really looking forward to a fun but busy weekend. We will also try to be look at houses(getting an idea on what we want) as we have bought a lot in Creek's Edge subdivision. It will not be final until at the end of the month-then we'll go from there.
So happy Friday!


Hannah Lee said...

Happy House Hunting and enjoy the needed adult time! I know you guys will have fun!

Lora said...

Saw Lori G. yesterday and she is excited about you being her neighbor. Enjoy your weekend! Ice that knee!

dani said...

oh, adult nice! what is that like? :)