Friday, July 4, 2008

Wanna Play?

My children have gone to bed and my roomie at Auburn, Bri, challenged those who read her blog to play a game with her. So you have to play as well if you read MY blog!!!

10 years ago I was:

In between my freshman and sophomore years of college. I had spent the first half at Auburn and ran cross country for the Tigers, then transferred at mid-term to LSU where I thought I would further my running career. Due to lack of self esteem, self motivation, and being homesick, I just went home to continue my education at Louisiana Tech that summer. If I looked back all the time, I would kick myself for not realizing the opportunities I had given up at the time. Yet my life would be different as I would never had met my husband among many other things! I worked at the Tech bookstore that summer and went to school until I got mono. It was also the longest time I had gone without running since starting in the 10th grade: 6 months! That was before my children came along. Not to worry as I plan to start up again seriously sometime in the near future!

5 years ago I was:

Teaching PE at Benton Elementary school, living with my grandmother in Benton; for the summer I was living in Ruston with my parents and working on my master's degree in school administration. I was also engaged and planning a wedding for that December, so that pretty much took up A LOT of time:). Matt was also living in Ruston, going to school and working on his masters in education, and was a GA for the Tech football team. It was also the summer that I was introduced to my friend Emily Norton Pruitt, who got me interested in the sport of triathlons. She was doing them that summer and although I did not attempt my first one until a year later, it was she who got me going. She was my running partner though and a good one at that!

1 year ago I was:

Raising a 6 month old and wondering HOW ON EARTH I was going to do raise 2 babies SO close together. I think I worried so much that I did not enjoy the entire pregnancy. I did not even tell my principal until late summer that I was pregnant because I was embarrassed that I was pregnant again so soon! Boy how selfish was I! God knows what we can handle and it has been great. Yes, the first 12 weeks were HARD, but we got through it! I was also coaching cross country full time and took 4 runners to Brevard, NC and was away for 8 days from my baby which about killed me but I did it and my athletes really loved camp so it was worth it.

5 things to do list for tomorrow(since today is over):

1) Feed the babies when they wake up and get them dressed

2) Go to Ruston as my aunt from Birmingham is in and wants to take us out to dinner

3) Run some needless errands

4) Make sure Jake and Landry have their naps during certain times of the day so they will be in a good mood at 6pm when we go out to eat

5)Pretty boring list so I won't bore you with any more details:)

5 snacks I enjoy:

1) Dr. Pepper(I consider that a snack)

2) Peanut butter and bananas

3) Popcorn

4) Oreos and milk

5) That's all

If I were a billionaire I would:

Quit my job and be a stay at home mom, many other things and give the rest to charity...who needs all that money!

5 people I would want to have lunch with:

1) My grandparents MaMa and Pop, who I never got a chance to fully appreciate in my young and immature years.

2) My papaw who was an "old school" high school football coach. I would love to discuss with him his philosophies on coaching among other things.

3) Randy Pausch who is dying of pancreatic cancer who has chosen to live his last months of life as a Tigger and not an Eeyore.

4) Elizabeth...she is just a great friend who I can say anything to and she will just tell me like it is!

5) Mom-I never appreciated her as a teenager and cringe at the way I used to treat her. You never really know what moms feel for their children until you have one. She is my role model and I love her so much. Never thought God would bless me with a daughter that I can hopefully share the same relationship that I have with my mother now( hope that made sense).

5 places I have lived:
1) Ruston
2) Auburn, AL
3) Baton Rouge
4) West Monroe
5) Benton

6 jobs I've had:

1) Middle school PE teacher
2) Elementary school PE teacher
3) Pool manager
4) High school PE teacher
5) Cross country coach
6) High school special education teacher

I spent WAY too much time typing this post so I hope you enjoyed it!
And the picture is from our 4th of July dinner today


Mom said...

I started tearing up when you talked about MaMa and Pop and then Pappaw and then #5. Every mom wants to hear that. Love you!

Julie said...

Huw could you leave off your fabulous summer as a lifeguard at LPP? Fun times at the park :)