Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer...Yeah Right!!!

Boy have we been staying busy this week! I have kept Landry home from MDO last week and last Tuesday due to her persistant cough and ugly snotty nose. I plan on taking her tomorrow and am going to get my hair done-yeah!! I posted more pictures than normal from today's events due to the number of cute pictures I took:). The first 5 were taken after the last 5, but I messed up when I loaded them. FYI. We headed out early this morning and went to get Jake's hair cut. He has had about 10 at this point in his life-he has a ton of hair! Then we went to a local library as they have a story teller every Wednesday. I just happened to have one of my runners meet me there to help out with the kiddos and I am SO glad she was there. I didn't really know what to expect, and it turns out we had to sit on the floor and Jake just roamed. Morgan was a big help and Landry enjoyed the time as well. The room was packed and it got really warm in there, so we lasted about 20 minutes and Landry started her growl so I knew she was just exhausted(it was her nap time).
My sweet little girl will be 7 MONTHS OLD tomorrow:(....
where has time gone! She has really started being mobile just over the past week! I walked in the living room yesterday and everything but her little head was under the couch! She is good at going backwards. Landry has also gotten pretty efficient at sitting up just over the past couple of days. No more leaving her in the swing, poppy, or changing table without being strapped in! Monday morning I put her in the swing(keep in mind I have a take along swing and it is very low to the ground) and went to get something. I heard Matt yell and it turns out she fell out of the swing..yes I am a terrible parent!!!! She just went from not doing much and over a weeks time she is into everything! Jake did all of this later in life due to the fact he was too big to move! We embrace the fact that our children are SO different:). They are also looking more and more alike and that is fun. OK enough typing; Enjoy the pictures!
Landry sitting up so well in her poppy. She can lift from the reclining position to this all by herself. I am so impressed. Note: She is not strapped in but I did not leave her.
Jake is into golf and balls. He is practicing his Tiger swing.
And Landry STARES at his every move. When he comes close to her she gets the biggest grin on her face and just laughs if she is lucky enough to get a hug from her big brother:)!
Jake woke up early from his nap, so we spent the next 1.5 hours outside killing time while Landry slept. He loves to put all his balls in the back of his car.
Finally figuring out that this bubble lawnmower really produces bubbles! He was intrigued.

Landry doing what she does best! Sucking those darn fingers
Landry and Morgan at story time this morning.
Jake and Landry watching the story lady sing to the music.
He thought the lady was going to read to ONLY HIM and was trying to push the other children out of the way.
Now he had gotten ahold of the dancing to music and there was no turning back now!!!


Hannah Lee said...

Landry sucking those fingers is so cute! I wonder if we have a story reader at the Ruston Library?!

Lora said...

Oh Lord, do I LOVE those chubby little legs! One of our grands put his fingers in his mouth in the exact same way! He sucked on those things for a LONG time!

YES-indeed there is Story Time at LPL, Hannah. A quite gifted Story Lady to boot!