Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy Weekend

Whew! We have had a really busy weekend and it is almost over. We started out early Saturday morning by heading to Ruston. Matt had to stay as he was umpiring baseball and Jake thought he would try to drive my Yukon as you can see below:

For the last 3 months he has been dead set on feeding himself. As you can see it gets pretty messy when you feed him ravioli and meatballs. Glad we were at my parents and could take his shirt off at least! Then Jake found Big Mama's running shoes and was more than determined to walk around their house in them. He did a pretty good job I might add.
Saturday night we went out to eat with my Aunt Liz(my dad's brother's wife) as she was in for her 50th high school reunion(doesn't she look great!)
Miss Landry had so much fun playing with her!
Then this morning we headed back to Benton in this morning to see my cousin Nancy before she headed back to Baton Rouge. She was staying with my grandmother and was in for her 20th high school reunion. Then we went to Sunday school, home to take quick naps, and then to Aunt Lou's house for Sunday lunch. Is there a time out I can take?????

On another note, I must say that the Olympic trials are an exciting event to watch. Those of you who keep up with running know (or should) Jordan Hassay. She is a 16 year old phenom from California and I have been watching her since she was in the eighth grade. Well, Friday night I was up WAY later than normal and we were watching the trials. The 1500m came on and this HIGH SCHOOL sophomore qualified for tonight's final in a stellar and high school record time of 4:14 for the event. If my conversion is right, that would equal about a 4:29 mile. She would beat most high school boys around the country with that time. The record in the boys mile where I went to high school is 4:19 just to give you some perspective on HOW fast this girl is! Good for her. Who knows what the future holds...she probably will not make the Olympic team this year, but she has a very bright future in front of her. I'll be rooting for her tonight as she runs her heart out.
Enjoy the rest of your day and I will try to relax:)


Lora said...

I get tired just reading your day! Jake needs to understand he will have some big shoes to fill (Not Literally) if he runs in Big Momma's shoes!

Hannah Lee said...

Nick and I watched some of the olympic trials for track this weekend and we were amazed! Glad you guys had a great weekend!