Friday, July 18, 2008


Thanks for those of you who have called and/or written in concern of our most recent news. Things have settled down and the dust is beginning to settle. Our main concern right now is me finding a job and day care for the babies. Whether you are moving 70 miles or 70,000 miles away, these things take precedence over the fact that we are going to miss our friends. There are no openings right now that I am aware of in Lincoln parish, but I will go back next week when I have time to hit the schools individually that I missed yesterday. My parents are in Canada for 2 weeks(dad will be back next week, but mom is staying and meeting up with her running buddies for another week to hike the Glacier mountains), so that makes it even more difficult because I can't bring the babies for them to watch while I run errands. We are going to look at houses tomorrow morning, but don't plan on moving unless I get a job...which I might add that I love my job teaching special education at Parkway. This doesn't help the fact that Matt's company says he has to be relocated by October 1. So things are up in the air right now and I need to be patient and know that God will provide. Just a little news! Have a great weekend.


Lora said...

Take each day-one day at a time. All will work out & work out to be exactly what you need to be doing & where you need to be. I tell myself-TAKE A DEEP BREATHE!

Hannah Lee said...

Our Lord will provide. It is just our human nature to get in a hurry and worry. Everything will be okay! Please let me know if I can help you with anything!