Friday, July 4, 2008

Firecracker 5K

We hit the ground running this morning to get ready for the Firecracker 5K. Matt's mom met us as well and we loaded them up and headed for the starting line! I reminisced briefly about years earlier when I would race this event(and might add I won it back in 2000...oh so long ago) but this year we were all about walking. There was a record number of people there this morning. I am sure there were about 4000 there, so the turnout was great! We listened to the National Anthem and thought about the freedom that we too often take for granted. Jake and Landry had on their red, white, and blue to show appreciation to those who have dedicated and given their lives for our freedom.

Our neighbors, Stacey and Jason Hess were there along with their 2 boys Cooper and Marshall. Jake and Cooper were playing ball as we waited for the start.
Landry would not look at me but she did great during the walk and pretty much slept the whole time.
My friend Emily, who finished second in the race, gave Landry some words of advice on race strategy!
Jake was pooped coming back while sissy chirped the entire trip home....who needs sleep when I've already got my nap in was what she was saying:)


Lora said...

Cute pictures-Where was your Mom?

The Tylers said...

She has stated that she doesn't do 5K's anymore(except the mudbug 5K). She thinks she is too good for them:). JK! But that is what she says....

Mom said...

Maybe I did say that (and I probably did say it) but our group likes to run distances and with 3 miles, we are just starting to enjoy the run!!!!