Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jumping Jupiter

I met Tracey VanHoy and her 3 kiddos at Jumping Jupiter yesterday for some playtime and Jake had a blast. This place has only been open for 2 weeks and it is such a neat idea. It is just a big room with 5 huge bouncies.

Landry would not look at me! She was trying to locate her brother.
Tracey and Emerson posing with me and Landry
Jake had to have help getting to the top of the slides and in his down time he rode the toys they had laying around.

School hasn't started yet and I already have a new job that I feel MUCH better about! My resignation goes through tomorrow in Bossier Parish and I was laying in bed 2 nights ago and wondering what in the world happened over the last 2 weeks. I really wasn't sure about teaching an autistic class because I just wasn't qualified. Well, I got a call yesterday and will be teaching inclusion at Choudrant Elementary(pronounced Shoe-drant for those of you not familiar) and I like that idea a lot better. The commute will be maybe 15 minutes, which still beats my 30 minute commute to Parkway.

The babies go to their last MDO today as it is over for the summer. Mom spent the night with me last night and she will stay until tomorrow...she and dad have Landry for the weekend while we are off to Houston. We are going to the spa on Saturday(yes,Matt is too!!! ) and I am super pumped:). But today I am meeting an old running buddy for lunch and plan to catch up with my good friend Mary Catherine as she is in from Baton Rouge. Her dad had back surgery in Shreveport yesterday. I haven't seen her since she was married in January:(. Have a great day.


Jessica Stephenson said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend away-
you deserve it!Love the jump place- may have to make a trip to Shreveport to check it out; looks like something my boys would love!

The Tylers said...

They would! It is across the street from FBC-Bossier on Texas Street. $7 for 2 hours and under 2 are free:)

Lora said...

Did you have a difficult time getting your Mom out of bed this AM? Glad to be back in LA-but wish we could have brought the cool temps back!

The Tylers said...

She told me she was going to spend a couple of nights with me....and by 10am had already called Daddy to come pick her up!!!! Glad y'all had a wonderful time:)

HipShooter said...

The baby weight WAS easy; it's just the 15 extra lbs I was carrying before her that don't want to leave!