Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I had lunch yesterday with 3 friends that I teach with at Parkway. Rachel, Ginny, and Katie make teaching at Parkway SO much fun!!!! Ginny(in the purple dress) is due in August and she looks really good. We had a lot of was great to catch up.
Jake slept through his last Gymboree class yesterday, so when he got up we went to the Boardwalk to buy him some new shoes. He is growing out of EVERYTHING. At dinner we let Landry suck on some lemons. She really liked them and they entertained her well!
Jake's new thing is to wave at everyone. Anyone who came into the restaurant got a wave from him, even if they didn't look his way. He is campaigning early!
Daddy and Jake

This weekend we are going to Houston for a get-together with the people in Matt's district. His company pays for the entire weekend, plus the flight. I am looking forward to one last getaway before the rush to pack up and head to Ruston phase begins!