Monday, July 21, 2008


So Landry is almost efficiently crawling...backwards that is! She is now getting on all fours and starting to try and climb over little things. She is amazing us daily and constantly reminding us that SHE is boss:).

She received her first "bitter biscuit" tonight due to the fact she was super fussy and we had about 45 minutes until bedtime. She was entertained by this new finger food but oh my gosh IT IS MESSY! There is no way I could let her eat out with this thing as she got it all over herself and me! But she loved it.
I tried to capture some of the mess but she would not let me see her mouth due to the yummy cookie.

On another note Jake's surgery went well this morning and we got home around 1:30. He slept most of the afternoon and I was sure he would not go to bed at 7, but sure enough he was ready. We are going to Ruston again tomorrow to go to all the schools, but I have already talked to every principal in the parish(and surrounding parishes) and no one has any openings. Just trying to be patient:). If it doesn't work out, we will just stay here and Matt will commute. Have a great night!


Lora said...

I see Jake's eyes peering at me from Landry. It will work out for the best. Praying just for that!

Hannah Lee said...

You are amazing at getting things down so quickly! Landry is gorgeous! Thanks for the updates!

Sandra said...

Thank you so much for posting some pictures of my darling grandbabies. How we miss them and can't wait to see my sweet Jacob and Landry. Kiss them for us!!! Love, Big Mom and Big D

The Woodards said...

I just wanted you to know that I hope yall end up buying the house because it happens to be in our neighborhood! How exciting!!!! And, you would be buying the house from a very nice family. I will try to keep my ears open for any teaching jobs.
Love, Garson Woodard