Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Thought I would catch you up on the latest around here. We are thoroughly enjoying our afternoons and absolutely love our neighborhood!!! We haven't been too busy with events but have enjoyed some fun activities with the kids. I love that we only have THREE more Mondays left in our school year and get out on May 21. Matt just found out he gets to work a convention in New Orleans for a week at the beginning of June and we get to accompany him. The kids will have a ball at the Audubon Zoo and the aquarium among other fun things. The we are going to Destin at the end of June. Looking forward to fun times this summer!

I will explain the pictures as I go to make it easy...

EXHIBIT A: During my Tuesday morning run last week I made up for several years of not falling when I hit the road HARD. It took me over a minute of laying on the asphalt to get hands hurt the worst, but I also got my knee, arm, and a niiice bruise on my hip. What can I say, I take after Sandra:).
EXHIBIT B: By this point it's comical. I was talking to a teacher at school on Friday when a heavy swinging door hit and broke my toe. This was Friday evening and by Saturday my entire toe was purple. Wish I could say I took this week off, but my running partner is hard core and I didn't want her thinking I was a wimp....not much you can do for a broken pinky toe and it goes numb after the first half-mile.
Way enough about me. On to the main focus of my post!!
Every year Matt's boss, Russ Golden, has a crawfish boil for the members of their district. So we headed over to his house on Saturday and enjoyed some red bugs. They were great!
Jake LOVES crawfish and I think ate more of them than I did.
Riding all the kids around Mr. Russ' yard(notice mine had already changed due to the fact they were filthy and/or had an accident...but it happens!)
Then mom had the grand idea of telling J and LG about the days when we used to crawfish with my Papaw in Benton. We would have some major crawfish boils and they were a lot of fun. So Jake has been asking to go "crawfishing" for about 2 weeks! So after MDO on Tuesday we went to the store and got some bacon and liver, tied them to the new nets Big Mommy(as J calls her) bought and went "crawfishing" in the small creek behind our house. Of course we knew they wouldn't catch anything but it is all about the experience. And so we will try again the next time we are in Benton:)!!
Jake being silly but I loved his eyes in this picture.
Our beloved neighbor Grayson, who comes over daily to entertain the kids for hours!
Another endless fun activity...the sprinkles(as LG calls it). I'll turn them on during the warm evenings and let them go to town.
And of course we love having my parents live 2 streets over....guess I can only speak for myself!

And here is sweet Landry Grace last Sunday before church. Jake wouldn't cooperate....

More to come!


jessie said...

i cannot wait for olivia to enjoy playing in the sprinklers! makes me think of fun times as a kid myself! and, i LOVE that polka dot dress! SO cute!

SND said...

It depends if you are like Sandra. Did you stop watch??? Don't care how bad I am hurt, the watch is turned off until I am able to get up.

Lindsey said...

Your kids are so cute!! I love those Kelly's Kids clothes!

jessie said...

yes! effective monday she'll be going to leslie colwell's house. and the best part - it's less than a mile from my house!!! i'm sooo sad to leave her current daycare b/c i really do love that place but driving to calhoun everyday is just no longer an option for me. so, i pray it's a good move and olivia handles it well.

Shelley (Cole) Parker said...

My comment is that I am sorry that you have had such a rough time with injury (I know how you feel!) and that your children are always dressed so stinkin' CUTE! That's my comment! Hope to see you soon! I wish I could run with you but know I can't keep up..