Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Saturday night at 7:30 I will be getting ready to see:
And some may think no big deal. I would say the same about Celine Dion as lots of people go out to Vegas to see her. Although I don't have a problem with spending money, I think it's a total waste to spend it on concerts.....until I saw CHER about 7 years ago. Been talking about it ever since! This will be my third time out to Vegas and we are mainly going to take Aunt Lou which I am excited about. But then Matt told me that this was her first weekend back from a break...I was pumped to say the least when he booked our tickets.

Vegas, like the rest of the economy, is struggling right now and Matt got us 3 free nights at the Venetian so that should be neat. He stayed there last June with his company and said it was great. Other than that I am looking forward to relaxing and lounging by the pool. I've had several people ask if we were taking the babies. Um. No. There are many people out there that do take their children to Vegas. We are not those people. Thanks. But we'd rather not.

And here's to having a great trip with Louie(Aunt Lou!). She's the best.