Sunday, April 4, 2010

Da Beach!

So my friend Katie asked me right before Spring Break if I wanted to take the kiddos to Orange Beach and stay at their condo....and of course I said yes! Her son Landon is 3 and Kennedy is 18 months. The weather was a little cool but for the most part they loved the beach. Jake has been to the beach every summer since he was born and had never had much to do with sand or the ocean. Well he didn't swim in the ocean water but he did play in it for a bit and I consider that a breakthrough! LG loved the ocean but wanted to be carried in it a lot. We went shopping in Foley one morning for about an hour(fastest trip EVER but we didn't need much!) and then went to the zoo another morning. Thanks so much Katie for having us!!

Katie, me, and my running buddy Sarah

Jake on our first day at the beachLG is my daredevil child. The only mishap of the beach occured when she got on the condo elevator unattended. 4 elevators(didn't know which one). 14 floors(bottom 3 opened up to car garages). Panic almost set in but she was found on the fifth floor within 5 minutes and when asked WHY she got on the elevator by herself? "Cause I want to".....for the love!!!!

Happiness is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking a break from the cool water temps with a Capri Sun
Money see monkey do: Jake took his shirt off and LG insisted on taking off her swimsuit. Cute pic though!

Took them out to the park on Friday to dye eggs. Might be the last time for a while:) but we made it through !!!


Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

Oh Suzanne! This post had me cracking up. That sounds EXACTLY like something Lexie would say. These 2 yr old girls just have a mind of their own. I love it. LG's swimsuit is so cute!!