Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter at School

Jake and Landry Grace have been attending Temple MDO twice a week since the fall and we have been so pleased there! It's hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end very soon and we will say good-bye to many new friends we have made there. Jake will be going to Montessori next year and LG will be at Trinity 3 days a week and with a babysitter the other 2 days.
Today Temple had Easter egg hunts and small parties for the children and both of mine were so excited about hunting eggs. Jake especially was thrilled that I came...hope he still thinks this way in the years to come.

Landry Grace's class at "school". Her teacher is Ellen Glover(or just Glover as the kids call her) and she is WONDERFUL!!!!! She is the reason why we are at Temple MDO and I cannot give her enough praise. Ms. Susy, their other teacher, was sick and we love her too!

Landry Grace loved hunting the eggs in the gym...always on the go.
my sweet boy....only 2 more years before kindergarten:(

He was in HEAVEN hunting eggs!
Jake's class with the Easter bunny. I was told by the staff and later by LG that she wanted nothing to do with the bunny and therefore we have no picture with her.
One more day before Spring Break!! We may have a last minute trip in the works that involves water and sand. Stay tuned!


Lora said...

Enjoy the water and sand while we enjoy the snow and ice!