Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Times and Cute Pics!

We have had a fun week and I needed to document before more upcoming events. The pictures are out of order but I have too many and don't really want to rearrange let me just recap the weeks events and you can glance at the pics. Last Friday we hit the town with Dinner and a Movie. The Junior Auxiliary in Ruston puts this on and has different organizations participate. The kids ate and watched several performances and unfortunately we didn't make the movie. Maybe next year.

The weather was great on Friday and by Sunday morning we had snow flurries. Being the carefree mom that I am, they were allowed to play outside before church...why not! Snow doesn't come often in LA. During church Landry Grace had an accident and cut her head deep enough that we needed to take her to the ER(only option on a Sunday in Ruston). The dr glued it together and she was good to-go. I might add that this is her 3rd trip to the ER so she is a pretty tough little girl.

Tuesday we hit the park with the Halls' and fed the ducks among other hilarious events that I might not need to go into but let me just say that Jake is a mess! The weather has been GORGEOUS the last few days and I love that my babies enjoy being outdoors. We have had some wonderful play times in the evenings. Tonight I let them have their dinner outside and they loved having a picnic.

Having pancakes and biscuits tonight for dinner in the driveway.

Loving their new 2 seater car and Jake insisting on wearing Daddy's college football helmet while driving.
Landry Grace and Kennedy at the park...can only imagine these convo's in a few years!

We ran out of bread shortly after the ducks arrived but they still enjoyed watching them.

Katie and sweet Kennedy feeding the ducks.

The CREW checking out the water below. We had such a fun park visit!!

This was NOT set up...I saw them sitting together and went to take a picture. Jake was telling her about his bobo and she told him she'd kiss it for him. I love these sweet moments! So glad I caught the picture.
Landry Grace shortly after we got home from the hospital on Sunday. She did pretty good not touching her forehead.
And this was before church and playing in the flurries.

Trying to catch some flakes on his tongue
So happy to be outside in the freezing weather with me trying to take some cute pictures........

LOVE this picture!! From last Friday. Need I say more?
Family picture leaving Dinner and a Movie

LG with Josiah and Brannon. Loved visiting with you Kim.

And last but not least is LG pictured with our sweet neighbor Grayson. She loves to come over and play with the babies. Thought this was a great picture.
We have so many fun things planned in the upcoming weeks with the first being SPRING BREAK! So happy that I get to spend a week at home with my babies. And the second weekend in April we are taking Aunt Lou to Vegas...and seeing Cher again! Looking forward these events and more. Stay tuned.


Halls said...

these are great pics! Love the picnic outside in driveway!!! I am still laughing at jake from the park!! lol!!