Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Another Fun Weekend

I feel the need to share a conversation Jake, Landry Grace, and I had in the car last week:
Jake: Mom, when I get older I'm gonna drive your car
LG: When I older I'm gonna drive your car
Me: That'll be fine
Jake: Are you going to drive daddy's car? 'Cause IIII'm gonna drive mama's car.
LG: Um, NO. IIIIIII'm gonna drive mama's car!!
Me: Are we really having this conversation?? Let's wait until you get older!

Yes, the sibling rivalry has been going on for quite some time now. And this would be the case whether your children are the same age, 12 months apart, or 5 years apart. We just have ours starting NOW. It's tough at times but yet I know they are ultimately going to be very protective of one another outside the home. At least that it what I hope for!

Matt and his brother Mark had to work the cows this weekend in Benton and we had another birthday party to attend in Shreveport on Saturday, so we just decided to go over on Friday night. GiGi played with the babies while Matt and I went out for dinner.

Saturday we headed out for Hudson's 4th birthday at Acrosports in Shreveport and the kids of course had a great time. Matt wasn't able to go with me and so it was pretty eventful since I chose to wear a dress to this party and didn't think about the fact that I MIGHT have to climb into the play pit to help rescue my children when they get stuck. LG was a little small for the play pit but that didn't occur to her until she was stuck at the top. Gotta love climbing into those apparatuses.

Headed into the party.

Hudson's pirate set-up. Melody did such a great job...thinking we are going to do a pirate party for Jake's fourth birthday as well.
Jake and LG with Hudson(the birthday boy)and sister Avery.
Thought it was sweet that LG went and sat next to her brother while listening to instructions.
Gotta love the ball pits, but not as much as LG's smile. She makes me laugh out loud every time I see this look! God love her!!
And this look...precious baby.
You would think I would learn to stop taking pictures when they refuse to look..nah. I still think they need more pictures to add to my collection....
Earlier this week we told Jake and LG about a dirt pile at Aunt Lou's house. She just had a car port built and needs some more dirt work around it. So she had some dirt delivered and bought the babies some shovels and toys. Jake had been asking about this dirt mound ever since we told him, so after naps on Saturday we headed out to Lou's for fun in the dirt and fried fish.

They were both in HEAVEN. 3 hours straight with a small break to eat some fish.
Sliding down the dirt pile..who knew this could be so much fun??!!
Uncle Mark letting LG push the gas on the 4 wheeler. She thought this was fantastic!
Family pic before Daddy took them on a ride around the property.
Again...totally enthralled with the dirt.
Great evening with the Tyler crew.

This morning for church Landry Grace finally got to wear her sweet Easter dress since she missed out wearing it on Easter morning. No big deal but I did want to take a picture of her wearing it.
We went to my parent's house after church for lunch and took a quick picture. Now we normally don't take many family shots but have plenty after this weekend. I feel bad that I don't have any pictures of my parents on my blog. They really do so much for us...not to mention that they keep LG every Wednesday. It is so nice having them 2 streets over. Some would say that's too close but we love it.
The weather has been great here lately. We have been playing outside hours on end after school and only have 6 more weeks before the SUMMER! Looking forward to that. Hope all of you have a great week.


Tracey Toms Van Hoy said...

This post brought tears to my eyes! I love reading about your joy! I just love LG's little smile! Witten gives me the same thing! He mainly grunts or gives me the wrinkled nose and mean eyes when taking his pic! I'm so glad that I got to see yall this weekend, just wish it wasnt so chaotic so we could've gotten to speak to each other longer than 5 seconds!
BTW, Witten Macabe loves him a dirt pile! I mean truly LOVES him a dirt pile! Like when we pass one on the road, he squeals. Momma its a BIIIIIIGG Dirt!!
hahaha!! Hope to see yall real soon!