Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter despite the fact that Landry Grace woke up with her eyes matted and red. We went ahead and put some Vigamox(sp) in her eyes and they looked better by lunch. Since Matt's family was coming over from Bossier after early church, he stayed home with LG and I took Jake to church. It was a wonderful message in both Sunday school and church. I must say that we love our family at FBC-Ruston. I believe that what you put into a church and your faith is what you will get out of it. We have made some really good friends there and appreciate them so much!
After church we came home and ate with Matt's mom, aunt, and brother along with my parents. After naps we hunted eggs again(with minimal candy!) and then went out to Lincoln Parish Park later this afternoon. We absolutely love going out there and are planning to get Jake his first fishing pole so that he can catch some fish. I am sure with his fishing pole will be another one for LG. Having 2 so close together means you have to get 2 of everything, preferably the exact same thing or they will argue over it. Fun times!
I have posted 3 posts tonight so scroll down after this one.
Had to document their Easter baskets....plan to get all of my blog entries published into a book so that the babies will have pictures to look at. Seriously...haven't developed a picture in about 2.5 years. That's digital for ya!

Family pic after church and all I can think about is how much work our house needs on the outside....YIKES! Motivation triggered: I am off one more day and guess where I will be???
Not a great pic but here I am with my sweet babies.

Gigi baking cookies after nap time.
Best I could get of Gigi with her grands.
Loving that I only have a TWO day work week as we are flying out on Thursday to Vegas. Hope all of you have a great week!


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love your dress. It is so cute!

Lora said...

OH MY GOSH--that last picture--Landry looks JUST LIKE HER MOMMA!

The Tylers said...

Thanks y'all!!