Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Hunts and Birthdays

We celebrated Sarah Kate's 2nd birthday on Saturday morning and the kids had so much fun. I was thoroughly impressed by Angie's party ideas and the fact that she did everything herself. The kids hunted eggs at the beginning of the party and I think 100 eggs were still out in the yard AFTER the hunt. Thanks Sarah Kate for a great time!
After naps we headed to our pal Bella Grace's grandmother's house where we met up with lots of friends from church to hunt eggs again. The outfit changes were only due to messy clothes at stop #1 that morning! They had a great time there as well. I was totally done with candy by this put it nicely!!

Daddy was teaching Jake how to gather the loot in a pile and discard the eggs quickly

Landry Grace would rather stop after she found each egg and find out the prize rather than find them all so quickly. She totally has a mind of her own.

This was right before the hunt with her friend Bella Grace Yates. They were having a ball being silly.
Angie and Sarah Kate at the birthday party
Some of the crew including Ava and Caroline James.