Sunday, May 2, 2010

Truth and Co-workers

I have a confession to make....since I've had children I have always envied stay at home moms. I did stay at home with both of mine until they were 8 months old(both had December birthdays and I took the spring semester off from teaching each time)....but I HATED going back to work. With both babies so close together I just needed to work.

Yet this year has been SO different. God has provided me with such a GREAT group of God-fearing women to work with. And I am so blessed. He knew my needs this year would be great. It has been an emotional roller coaster this year with many ups and many downs. Yet God knew that...and he provided. This year has truly been one of the greatest years of my 9 years of teaching. Thank you Lord for giving me friends to lean on. I really could go on and on about these great people. And for the most part my wanting to be at home is gone. And sure there are days when I would like to be with my babies, but God gives me peace in knowing they are in good hands and I am close by if needed.

We gathered at Sharon's home(in the white collared shirt) on Friday for food, fun, and karaoke. It was a blast!
Landry with Sharon's niece Camille Smith. They are the same age and I L-O-V-E this picture!

All of our kids together(minus a few)...they had a ball!!
And it took a teenager asking Landry Grace to get her toenails painted. She never wanted me to paint them but loves showing everyone her pink toes now.

And Saturday morning I got up and went garage selling with Sharon and Tina. I did find a very pretty flower arrangement for my kitchen table, but most importantly this Batman swim set for Jake. He is all decked out and ready for swim lessons this summer.

Later that day we went with Daddy to the farm production sale at Tech to buy a pig. Sorry, not for keeps....
But I thought they looked mighty cute in their cowboy boots.
And here we are with the pig Daddy bought at the auction. Fortunately they are old enough to realize what we are using the pig for:(
So happy we are now in the month of MAY! 15 more days of school. But who's counting?!


jessie said...

that batman outfit is hilarious! yes, leslie colwell is keeping her. this is the first week and so far so good. it's so much easier having her here in town!

Karla and Edmond Long said...

Your kids are just too cute!!! Hope you have a great summer with them!