Sunday, May 23, 2010


The last 4 days have flown by but they were fun! I will start out with Thursday. Our special ed. department gave a diaper shower for one of the workers, Lyndsi, at our school. She is having her second baby in June. Sharon put together 2 arrangements with flowers from her yard. She is so talented. After school I picked up Jake from Mrs. Dorothy's on Thursday and had a bittersweet goodbye as it was his last day there. Mrs. Dorothy kept him for 2 years and LG for 1. We will miss her so much!!! She has such a sweet heart. We then headed over to Shreveport to meet Matt and his mom at the FCA annual fundraiser. Matt's mom is the FCA sponsor at Airline High School and has been for years. The auction consists of autographed sports memorabilia among other things and we go every year to support the northwest LA chapter of FCA. The babies then spent the night with GiGi and went to Chuck E Cheese the next day.

On Friday Matt and I went back over to Bossier to get the babies and check out a preschool over there just in case we have to move. Then Matt went west to Dallas for the weekend with some friends and I went east to Ruston with the babies. The students last day at school was Friday and we have teacher workdays tomorrow and a half day on Tuesday. Hooray for summer!

Saturday came and we had a GREAT day with Big D and Big Mama. We went over to their house and played in the pool and slip n slide and had a cook out. Jake could not figure out how to play on the slip n slide even though I had tried to give him a detailed description on HOW TO SLIDE ON IT. After much frustration, I broke down and demonstrated. Now this takes talent people. At the same time I had a lot of fun sliding on that thing! And most importantly...Jake got the hang if it. And I am so sore today....!! After naps we went back over to my parents and caught lightening bugs. It was such a fun day!!

Matt made it back today around 3 and we are just having some family time. Hope you all have a great week! We are still praying for direction with Matt's job. He did not get another interview with the company he interviewed with on Thursday, but he does have another interview set up for tomorrow with someone else. I was really discouraged on Friday but soon perked up because we are truly trusting that the Lord will take care of this. Matt is working hard on different job prospects and I know it will be fine in the long run. I'll keep you posted.

Sharon's flower arrangement
Sharon, Tina, Lyndsi, Mendy, Laura(her mom is keeping LG next school year on Mondays and Fridays..another answered prayer) and myself.

Jake with some of his friends at Mrs. Dorothy's house
Jake with sweet Mrs. Dorothy
GiGi with her grands at the FCA auction
The auction was at East Ridge CC in Shreveport and we went outside to play while they introduced the local high school and college athletes of the year. I took them on to GiGi's shortly after as they would not have sat still for long.
LG and Jake's reaction to Big D bringing over the slide to put in the pool
Yours truly demonstrating how to slide properly on the slip n slide. If you ever need a proper demonstration I am for hire. I am can even add a twist on the way down.
I had a better picture of them but downloaded the wrong one. You get the idea.
Mission accomplished: perfect execution of the dive and slide:)


jessie said...

that's a great mom! one who actually demonstrates the slip and slide! just doing your job; and you're great at it! hope all turns out well with the job hunt.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

What is more fun than a slip n slide? I love the picture of you going down head-first. Too funny.

By the way, you look awesome! The pictures from the shower, you are so lean!

jessie said...

thanks for the sweet comment. you must have missed my post in late january announcing the "life change". yeah, it sucks but i'm dealing with it ok. as long as my baby girl is happy and thriving i know i'll be ok!

Emery Wilkerson said...

LOVE the slip n slide pics!!! How much fun!! Can't wait for Hudson to be out there!!! I must say, I am impressed with your skills!!! I'm afraid I'd break something if I tried that! ha!